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It's your data, so you should have the control of it, right? PLP (Portable Linked Profiles) offers you the possibility to compose and fully manage your basic profile information.

Please note that the information we are speaking about is public information. That means your contact data, interests, the projects you participate on, the company you work for, etc... Nothing you would like to hide from others.

For users and developers

This editor is fairly easy to use for anyone willing to compose or edit profile information. This data can be then linked to applications supporting the PLP pattern.

These applications can be listings, directories or whatever service making use of this information. Thanks to it's modularity, coders can easily create applications on top of PLP Profiles. You might want to take a look at the documentation if you want to discover which services use PLP.

Open Source and designed to be extended

Are you writing a web-app or service that aggregates profile information? Do you need a quick, easy and efficient way for your users to register on your platform? PLP addresses this scenario. PLP is not only composed by Editors like this. Actually, several components such as Providers, Directories or Browsers have been defined in a re-usable manner for you to build upon them.

Are you a software developer? Feeling like collaborating on the extension of PLP? Feel free to browse, clone, comment and fiddle around the code. Everything is on Github

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